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10 Bucks Party Drinks you Should Definitely Serve

25 Jun 2019

Let's Get Drinking!

So, you're planning to throw an awesome bucks party for your mate!

This can sound like a huge responsibility; you want to get it right. After all, it is their last day of freedom and fun. No pressure! If you want to make your friend's bucks party memorable, you can't ignore the importance of having some cool bucks party drinks!

We got a few beauties for you below and since you've now got the best drinks, be sure to add the best buck's party drinking games as well.

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Beer Margherita

Bucks Drink Beer Margherita

There is no better combination than beers and bros.

You can always make the beer fancy for the Bucks event.

Beer Margarita is spiked up with lime juice and sea salt which makes it even more ravishing. All the guests will appreciate the presence of beer with a hint of elegance on this special occasion!



1L lemonade
750 ml tequila
750 ml water
750 ml beer
Lime wedges
Handful of salt

Mix all ingredients into a large pitcher.

Put salt onto a plate, rub lime wedges around rim of the glass and dip into salt on the plate. Fill glasses with mixture from the pitcher and enjoy.



The Michelada

Bucks Drink Michelada

This is one of the more colorful beer cocktails and has been around since the 60s!

You don't want to miss the classics if you want to impress the groom.

Along with lime juice and Mexican Cerveza, add a pinch of Tajin seasoning salt to this cocktail mix.

Not only is this the perfect combination for hot summer nights but it will be your go-to after the party too!

Yes, it will cure your hangover.



Chilli/salt blend (optional)
60 ml lime juice
2 tsp hot sauce
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 can/bottle Mexican beer

Put chilli/salt blend around rim of the glass if you like (see above recipe for instructions on how to do this).

Fill the glass with lime juice, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Fill with ice and then top with beer.



Irish Car Bomb

Bucks Drink Irish Car Bomb

Celebrate it like the Irish! Your bachelor's weekend fun will be magnified with this classic cocktail.

Pick out a decent Irish whiskey then mix it with Bailey's Irish cream along with Guinness.

Not only will this make your friend's Bucks party look spectacular, but it will also woo away all your guests! PS: You don't have to be Irish to mix up a little bit of exotic taste to the party.



1/2 pint guinness
22.5 ml Irish cream liquor
22.5 ml Irish whiskey

Pour liquor then whiskey into a shot glass. Separately, in a beer glass pour in the Guinness.

Top the Guinness with the mixture in shot glass.  Hint: Jameson is one of the most popular Irish whiskeys to use for this recipe.



Kentucky Mule Cocktail

Bucks Drink Kentucky Mule

Another one of the classics that has been around for a long time and loved greatly by men with great taste!

One of the best things about this drink is how simple it is to curate. All you are going to need is the best bourbon you can find and then add bitters.

Guess what? This is a drink that you men will not be able to keep hands off. Whether your Bucks party is lined up in winters or summers, don’t miss out on this one.



60 ml Woodford Reserve bourbon
15 ml lime juice
Ginger beer

Mix the bourbon and lime juice into a short glass (or a copper one as shown in the photo if you really want to do this properly).

Top glass with ice, then the ginger beer. Add mint and lime to finish (optional).



White Russian

Bucks Drink White Russian

You won’t forget what White Russian will do for your bachelor’s weekend!

Ready to make the most out of your ivy entertainment?

Try this amazing mix: vodka, ice, coffee liqueur and of course, cream. Once it is stirred well, it is ready to be served.

White Russian is another one of the bucks party drinks classics that will give a jazzy touch to your memorable bachelor’s party.



60 ml vodka
30 ml coffee liquor
15 ml full cream milk or cream

In a short glass, pour vodka and coffee liquor over ice. Add milk or cream. Serve and enjoy.



Tom Collins

Bucks Drink Tom Collins

Can you hear the sirens? You cannot forget Tom Collins at any cost.

This is the ultimate drink that needs to be served when your favorite bloke in the squad is getting married.

Tom Collins is a beautiful blend of gin, syrup, lemon juice and club soda.

Ask any man around, and they will testify that Tom Collins is the go-to when you are looking forward to a weekend of your lifetime!




60 ml gin
22.5 ml lemon juice
15 ml sugar syrup
Soda water (to top off glasses)

Pour all ingredients into a tall glass over ice. Stir briefly and garnish with lemon wedges or rind.



Between The Sheets

Bucks Drink Between the Sheets

Of course, this is famous of bucks party drinks because of its name, duh. But you will not know how good it is until you have tried it.

The recipe to this is brandy, triple sec and light rum.

This one will go hard on your boys. Maybe let some of our Ivy Models look after you boys with this one.



30 ml cognac
30 ml triple sec
30 ml light rum
1 tsp lemon juice


Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass (or something a little less feminine if you want). Serve with lemon or orange peel (optional).




Bucks Drink Sidecar

Lads, no stag party is complete without this as one of you bucks party drinks.

The fun thing about this is that it is usually served in classes that look slightly feminine.

So why not get it served by one of our beautiful topless or nude waitresses? With brandy, Cointreau and lemon juice, this drink is served best when it is shaken well with ice.

Thirty seconds of good shaking and the drink will be ready.



45 ml Cognac
22.5ml Cointreu
22.5 ml lime juice
10 ml sugar syrup

Fill a cocktail shaker with all ingredients and ice. Shake and strain into glasses of your choice. Garnish with a twist of orange.




Bucks Drink Manhattan

Of course, there are many drinks that boys like, but this is the one that men prefer.

This is a precious blend of whiskey, bitters and sweet vermouth served on ice. And don’t forget the cherry on top!

The perfect garnishing for your Ivy Models entertainment that everyone will appreciate at the bachelor’s event.



60 ml rye whiskey
20 ml sweet red vermouth
1 - 2 dashes of bitters
Maraschino cherries (optional)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add all ingredients and stir thoroughly. Strain into a chilled cocktail or short glass. Top with maraschino cherry.



Sun Kissed Country

Bucks Drink Sun Kissed Country

Last on our list of bucks party drinks, is a drink that originates from Australia and features a special ingredient: lemon myrtle.

You will need triple sec and egg white too. With a lot of shaking, you will get the perfect blend with a hint of yellow that you can spice up with mint leaves.

This is one of the classics in Australia and perfect for summer evenings.



45 ml Australian gin
20 ml lemon myrtle syrup (infuse lemon myrtle leaves in hot water overnight or use another citrus syrup/essence)
20 ml lemon juice
10 ml triple sec
1 egg white

Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake til thoroughly combined.

Add ice into the cocktail shaker, and shake again until cold. Strain into short or tall glasses and garnish with lemon myrtle leaves or lemon wedges.



Summing It Up

Now you have the perfect cocktail ideas for the bucks party drinks, but who is going to serve these drinks?

At Ivy Models we offer premium models as lingerie, topless or nude waitresses, so your boys don't have to worry about serving!

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