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5 best Bucks party games

13 Sep 2019

It's not easy planning a bucks party that everyone’s going to remember for all the right reasons. Being prepared is absolutely key, and if you’re reading this, then you’re a Best Man already one step ahead of the rest.

Assuming you’ve got the activities already sorted, here’s a few bucks party games you can get your group involved in to keep everyone on the bucks night/day laughing and engaged.

It’s also worth reading up on our tips for planning a bucks party, and other action-packed day-time activities.


No buck's party, though, is complete without some topless waitresses or strippers.

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1. Don't Say The Word

Man Holding Finger To His Lips Saying Shhhhh


Have the best man tell everyone what word or words cannot be stated during the evening or it is a mandatory drinking moment. Words such as bucks party, stripper, swear words, the bride's name, drink etc are fun words to choose. Have word substitutions pre-agreed (else you won’t be able to play the stripper game below!)

See who gets caught the most and who can stay clear of the chosen words which makes for a fun bucks party game!

Another variation on this is for each person in the group to ‘own’ a word of their choice and each time someone is caught saying their word, the person who said it, has to drink.



2. Guess the Stripper

Artistic Black And White Question Mark


So, chances are you’re probably going to hire a stripper. Why not make it a bit of fun and pre-arrange with the stripper a fun guessing game to be played once she’s left.

Each person receives a questionnaire asking various question about your stripper.

Here’s a few examples you could use:

a) What was the stripper wearing at the beginning?
b) What was the female dancer's eye colour and hair colour?
c) How tall was the stripper?
d) What colour undies was the female dancer wearing (if any)?
e) What song did the stripper dance to?
f) How many songs were played during her stay and what were they (titles of songs)?
g) How many groomsmen did the exotic dancer dance with?
h) What was the stripper's name?

You can add any number of questions and the top responses avoid the mandatory shots.



3. Scavenger hunt

Hunting With A Bow In A Bikini


Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, particularly when it’s the groom chasing his tail trying to complete a list of challenges you all give him. You’ll have a great time watching or maybe get involved and help him get over the line with a few.

Handcuff the groom to a sex doll until he completes the following challenges:

a) Kiss a girl with the same name as his future wife
b) Get a girl to buy him a drink
c) Get a girl's underwear
d) Have the girl do a body shot off him (friends can help get the girl)
e) Dance by himself on the dance floor
f) Get a lap dance from a stripper or a girl at a bar
g) Get a tampon from a girl
h) Get a girl to sign their name on his chest in black texter
i) Sing a song to a girl at a bar, that he doesn’t know
j) Find a hen’s party or a party of girls and get him to be in a picture with them



4. Icebreaker

Man Pulling An Ice Breaker Through the Pack Ice On A Bucks Party


Here’s a good icebreaker game which is particularly good where you might have a few people in the group not well known to the others.

Have the best man previously ask each member of the group to divulge one or two things that no-one would know about them. Ask for some funny ones, but make sure they are all real. Examples might be if they slept with someone famous, used to be a male model or stripper, or has been a professional sportsman etc.

Read all the answers aloud to the group and see who can guess which person belongs to which answer. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll get a lot of banter.




5. Blow up doll

Blow Up Doll Bucks Party Game

Here’s an hilarious game involving a few blow-up dolls.

Nominate a guy who will challenge the groom. He and the groom compete to see who can blow up their doll the fastest then jump on their doll demonstrating the most sex positions in a minute.

You and your mates won’t be able to stop laughing at these muppets giving their all to their doll. Loser takes a drinking penalty.





Ivy Models Topless Waitress - Scarlett




Ivy Models Topless Waitress - Amara




Ivy Models Topless Waitress - Lani




Ivy Models Topless Waitress - Scarlett




Ivy Models Topless Waitress - Dasha







So, there’s a few bucks party games ideas you can use to spice up the bucks night and make it an event to remember. If you need some further help organising your activities or arranging that stripper, get in touch with our friendly team at Ivy Models. Its what we do!


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