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5 Best Bucks Party Locations Australia

17 Sep 2019

It’s that time in your life when one of your buddies is tying the knot and you have been put in charge of giving your best mate the ultimate boys weekend. But where is the best place to give the buck a send-off that will immortalise you in bucks party history? We have done the hard work for you and found Australia’s 5 Best Bucks Party Locations.


And whilst your considering the locations below and planning your bucks, have a think about how you're going to entertain your lads with some awesome activities.


Ivy Models is the best place to get Australia’s hottest bucks party strippers and topless waitresses.  An absolute must on any bucks party getaway.


You might also get a laugh from arranging some fancy dress ideas for your crew or pranking the groom. And check out some of these alternative ideas for your bucks night.


Be sure to view some of our gorgeous models, topless waitresses and strippers at the end of this blog.



1. Bucks Party at the Gold Coast

Ivy Models Best Bucks Party Locations

If your buck's party is more in the mood for city life on the coast, check out the Gold Coast. It’s the best of both worlds with world class beaches and plenty of places to party.


When have your Gold Coast Bucks Party a boat cuise is always a good option. If your looking for something to get the blood pumping even more check out Australia's biggest theme park, Dreamworld, as they have all the thrills and spills your heart desires.


If you’re keen to party, check out one of the Gold Coast best Nightclubs such as The Bedroom, Sin City or Love nightclub in Broadbeach. You will be sure to have an awesome time doing shots surrounded by girls in lingerie and good beats but you might wake up the next morning with a hangover like you went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.


If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant and relaxed, check out the Stingray bar at the QT hotel and their hot bar staff!


Looking for an awesome event, why not make your bucks party weekend on the same weekend as the GC600 in October.



2. Bucks Party at Airlie Beach

Ivy Models Bucks Party Destinations Australia

Airlie Beach is perfect if you’re looking for gorgeous white beaches, amazing blue waters, and plenty of excuses for the girls on your boat to be wearing as little as possible.


You could just laze around on the boat with your bros and Ivy Models soaking up the beautiful Queensland sunshine. Or you could bring your rod and reel and land a trophy fish with the boys.


Shute Harbour is probably one of the best places to fish in Australia. And nothing makes your groom more manly than wrestling a massive fish out of the ocean.


Airlie Beach also features some spectacular snorkeling if you want to get your fins wet. The clear blue waters and protected bays among the islands provide some excellent opportunities to commune with the fishes.



3. Sydney Bucks Party

ivy models bucks party destination Sydney

Always a bucks party favourite when it comes to bucks party locations around Australia.


Sydney has something for everyone and with some of Australia’s best topless waitresses and bucks party shows your sure to be excited about whats on offer.


If it's your mates last couple of days with freedom why not show him the one thing he won’t be able to touch again after he ties the knot.


In classic bucks party tradition. Book your buck some topless waitresses from Ivy Models and surprise him with a wild bucks party show to cap off the whole experience. You can bring the strip club to you when you book our Sydney Topless Waitresses and Triple-X Showgirls.


If your looking to keep things on the DL, Ivy Models lets you book your entertainment so that the missus doesn’t know just how loose you boys got when you sent off your buck in true #IvyLife style.


Looking to party? Then you have to hit the infamous Kings Cross, there’s something for everyone and will surely leave you with a lot of stories to tell.


Kings Cross is the best place to get your drink on and knock back a few bespoke shots.



4. Perth Bucks Party

Ivy Models Bucks Party Destinations Perth

You can’t go past Perth as one of the best bucks party destinations around Australia. Lancelin is just up the coast and you will be sure to get some beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy.


Looking for adventure? Rent some four wheelers and punch it around, jumping the dunes and spraying sand on your unsuspecting buck bro.


Get into some fish, windsurf, snorkel or just drink beer. It’s up to you as to what you wanna do.



5. The Melbourne Bucks Party

Ivy Models Melbourne Australia Best Bucks Party Destinations

Melbourne is definitely the sporting capital of Australia. With the Boxing Day Series, Major Grandfinals, Big Races and weekly Derbys you will sure find a weekend sporting event for your bucks weekend.


You can go out in any of the party precincts or bring the party to your room with Ivy Models. We have the best topless waitresses in Melbourne ready on demand to make sure the party is started right and that the drinks flow all through the night.


Surprise your mate with a bucks party show in Melbourne by getting any of our showgirls or go all out and book a duo show for something he will be sure to remember and something the rest of the boys will never forget!



So what now?

Now that you've considered the location, you'll need to think about the bucks party activities you want to organise. Or if you are looking for something truly unique, check out our list of alternative bucks party ideas.

Whatever your ideal bucks party is, we've got something for every budget and taste, and we are here to help. The packages we offer are topshelf and our Ivy Models will keep the party going. We'll even assign you a bucks bro planner to help your event run smoothly.


Get some gorgeous topless waitresses and Ivy Models showgirls of your choice booked soon, and make your bucks party the stuff of legend!


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