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Best Bucks Party Drinking Games

25 Jun 2019

Bar Rack Full Of Alcohol


We’re all seasoned drinkers here, so when you have a special event like a bucks night, throw some drinking games into the night to make sure it doesn’t feel like every other Friday night with the boys.


To help you out with some bucks party games ideas, here at Ivy Models, we’ve put together a list of the best bucks party drinking games for your bux. While you're at it, check out some of the other bucks party games we've compiled that we think you'll love.


So after you got that bucks party invite and before you're at the party drinking, make sure you come prepared for some challenges. This list of bucks games ideas will help you stay on top.


And to add some spice to your evening, check out our topless waitresses so you don't have to lift a finger.


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1. Stranger Danger

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Talking To A Stranger


Now, this one is the opposite of what you might be thinking! Do you think you have the charm? Well, it is about time to tone it down.


Your challenge is to approach a total stranger and keep him engaged in the most boring conversation for about five minutes. You cannot be offensive or rude to the stranger, but do talk about the weather and other dreadful small talk. If you fail to do it, you have to go through the stag penalty of drinking it up!


Tip: Don’t look at your lads while you are trying to maintain a poker face.



2. The Skirt

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Man In A Dress


Every person in the room gets to hold a coin and the best man will shout: “Skirt”. When you hear his command, you have to hold out your palm and show if you have heads or tails face up. If a majority have heads then they are the winners and safe from what is to come and vice versa. This is played until one man is left who is the loser and will have to put on the skirt until you boys go to the next bar!


Tip: If you’re partying with some of our nude waitresses, maybe you can borrow one of theirs.



3. Send to All

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Bend Break A Phone


Okay, so no phones when you are at the bucks party! Anyone who is found on their phone will have to hand it over to the groom-to-be and he can send one message to all your contacts without saying what he is messaging.


Tip: Don’t piss off the buck before playing this one.



4. Wax Attack

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Man Gets Waxed


This is definitely one of the best bucks night games, because who doesn’t love seeing their fully grown mates scream like girls?


Bring a box of wax strips to the bucks and let some ladies punish you! This can either be out at a bar or wherever you’re having the bucks party.


Our Ivy Models will be happy to do some waxing between serving you drinks or being your poker dealer.


Or if you’re out drinking at a bar, you can challenge each other to different games. If anyone fails to take the challenge, you can ask any lady to come and wax a body part of her choice!


Tip: Don’t wax off the groom’s eyebrow before the wedding. Ok, go on. He can always even it up by doing the other one.



5. Toy Soldiers

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Toy Soldiers


Okay so, toy soldiers were part of your childhood? Let’s see how well you knew them. You will need a bag of toy soldiers. Before heading out to the clubs, each man will take his soldier and pose as him.


During the night, between the walk to the bars, the best man will shout at any of you: “Assume your position, soldier!” The person whose name is called shall pose right there.


Tip: Make a fool of yourself; everyone around you is drunk too.



6. The Poseurs

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Strike A Pose Vogue


Another one of the classics that will have you guys on the floor, laughing and drunk. Take strips of paper and write down random things on them like tree, Michael Jordan, bus driver etc.


Then shuffle them and let everyone in the room pick one strip. Once everyone has their strip, the best man will shout: “Who are you?”


Every person will have to pose as the thing they see on their strip of paper. And of course, have a shot afterwards! Double shot for the slowest.


Tip: Keep the objects on paper strips imaginative.



7. Dare Cards

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Dare Cards


You can do something as simple as use the dare cards and still have loads of fun with the boys! There’s all different kinds of card games these days, so if dares aren’t up your alley then try something like cards against humanity.


Tip: Make as many rules to drink to as possible.



8. Bug Pong

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Beer Pong Bug


Now this game is the one suited for men with guts! You might have heard about beer pong, but this is a little different.


For this drinking game, you should have: beer, edible bugs, cups and a ping pong ball. Much like beer pong, set up your cups the same way, fill some with beer and others with the edible bugs.


Once the table is set, you and the boys can take turns bouncing the ping pong ball on the table and whichever cup the ball lands in, they have to down it! Whoever misses three shots will have to eat an edible insect.


Tip: The contents of the cups should be kept low enough so no one can see what’s inside the cups. For more bucks party ideas involving alcohol, check out our article on 10 Bucks Party Drinks You Should Definitely Serve.



9. Last Man Standing

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor


When you are on your way out the clubs or walking between bars, the groom can sit down on the ground any time. Whoever is the last to copy his position will have to wear the worst pair of trousers out of the group.


Tip: Make sure whoever’s planning the bucks brings a pair of hideous pants or invite a mate that has no style.



10. Freeze

Bucks Party Drinking Games Stag Bachelor - Men Statues


Freeze - Either nominate someone at the start of the night or choose the buck, and at any point in the night if they stop and freeze, the rest of you will have to do the same. The last man to freeze will be the one to pay his penalty.


Tip: Shots are always the perfect penalty to any drinking game.



11. Cup Swap

Cupswap Drinking Game For Bucks Party


Our last suggestion of best bucks party drinking games is Cup Swap.


Each player needs two cups (one that's full of some sort of alcoholic beverage and one that's empty) and a spoon. Participants have one minute to transfer as much of their drink as possible from one cup to the other using the spoon.


When the minute is up, you have to drink whatever's left in the original cup.



One of these ideas is sure to get the night going for you and the guys. But, if you want to take it to the next level, you should include an Ivy Model as part of the shenanigans of the night.


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