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20 Best Bucks Party Ideas

25 Sep 2019

Buck's Party Group Of Guys Toasting A Drink


Are you planning a bucks party and need some ideas, but you're not sure what to do or what activities to plan?  This is your chance to give your bro the best party of his life – so set yourself apart from any other party you’ve been to by planning the epic buck's party of a lifetime.

That’s a lot easier said than done though, but don’t fear. At Ivy Models, we’ve got your back – we want to ensure you and your crew have the best time possible, so we’ve put together our list of the top 20 bucks party ideas (stag night ideas) that are proven to ensure the ultimate weekend.

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Here's our top suggestions for an awesome day and bucks night.


1. Party House

House Party Bucks Party Idea


Do you love hosting a party? Got a killer group of mates that will ensure the Bucks Party rages into the night? Then a party house could be the perfect option for you. Hire a whole apartment or house for the weekend, bring in plenty of beer and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a trip you’ll never forget! There’s plenty of options out there, so take a look around… just be careful of any hidden charges!



2. Bar Crawl

Pub Crawl Bucks Party Idea


Obvious choice, but organising a bar crawl is often the easiest way to ensure an epic night. Don’t just go to the first bar you see and stumble on to the next one though… do some research ahead of time on the bars in your chosen area. Check out what’s on offer and plan around five bars and clubs you can hit up. Just remember, if there’s a large group of you then make sure you call ahead and reserve an area to ensure no man is left behind!



3. Strip Club

Stripper At A Club For A Bucks Party


Another obvious choice for a Bucks Party, but there’s a reason heading to a strip club is a tradition! Just like the bar crawl, don’t simply choose the first one you come across on google, do a bit of research to find the best option that’s most suited to your needs – we all know it wouldn’t be a Bucks if the groom to be didn’t get a lap dance!



4. Go Karting

Gokarting Bucks Party Idea


High octane, fast, competitive… Go Karting is a brilliant way to get your group together. Make the trip more fun and set some competitions; slowest lap has to buy a round of drinks, fastest lap gets to choose the next bar!



5. Advanced driving day

Advanced Driving Day For A Bucks Party


Building on the Go Karting option, book your Bucks into a high end luxury car day. Taking on a legendary race circuit, in an incredible super car, is a sure fire way to make your Bucks Party one that’s remembered forever!



6. Hire private box at event

Corporate Box Hire At the MCG For A Bucks Party Idea


Is the groom to be a big sports fan? Then make his Bucks Party legendary by hiring a box to see his favourite team play. Food, drinks and sports? Perfect.



7. Sky Diving

AFF Skydiving Lesson For A Bucks Party


Looking for a thrill? Head to the sky! Book your party on an adrenaline rush of a lifetime by getting them to jump out of a plane. One of the ultimate thrill-seeking adventures, Sky Diving is a sure fire way to get the group talking about this Bucks for a long time.



8. Paint Balling

Paint Ball Group In Suits For A Bucks Party


Paint Balling is great way to get the group bonding – particularly if your Bucks Party attendees don’t already know each other. Split into teams and get the battle started! Of course, regardless of the team the groom to be should always be the target for everyone…



9. Whiskey tasting

Ron Burgandy Whiskey For A Bucks Party


Take in some sophistication and get booked on a whiskey tasting evening. Does your groom to be know his scotch from his bourbon? Then this will be a perfect way to liven up his taste buds and toast him into married live!



10. Camping

Camping Hammock Bucks Party Idea


If you already live in a big city, change things up and get back to nature with a weekend away camping. Get your camping equipment ready, bring in a stack of beers and bond with your Bucks Party over a campfire. 



11. Beach House

Beach House With Pool Bucks Party Idea


If camping doesn’t quite sound your thing, then change it up slightly and take over a beach house for the weekend. Beers, sun, surf and epic evenings… sounds a dream right?



12. Boat Cruise

Sydney Harbour Opera House Boat Cruise Idea For A Bucks Party


Booze Cruise. Do we need to say more?



13. Brewery Tour

Beer Tasting Brewery Tour For A Bucks Party


Drinking beers is great, but do you know how they’re made? Take a trip to a local brewery and find out what makes the taste so refreshing… you often get a few samples thrown in too!



14. Poker Night

Dogs Having A Private Poker Night For A Bucks Party


Want to raise the stakes? Get your bros together for a poker night! Just remember it’s for fun so keep the pots low, no one needs to be going bankrupt and the groom to be has probably already shelled out enough on the wedding!



15. Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer Collision At A Bucks Party


Jump into an inflated ball, hit the soccer pitch and experience one of the most fun afternoons possible.



16. Escape Room

Escape Room Dungeon Bucks Party Idea


One of the most popular Bucks Party options in recent years, Escape Rooms are a great way to bond with your fellow party groups. Add a bit of competition and split into two groups… the one who escapes the slowest faces a forfeit!



17. Cookery night

Cooking A BBQ For A Bucks Party Idea


Who doesn’t love food? Hire in a chef and learn how to make some unique dishes… before you get to taste them!



18. Cocktail Making

3 Exotic Cocktails Making Bucks Party Idea


If food isn’t your thing, sign up for a cocktail making night and get slowly drunk whilst learning how to change up your drinks!



19. Cigar Tasting

Smoking Cigar Bucks Party Idea


Go all classy on your Bucks Party with a cigar tasting evening!



20. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting Bucks Party Idea


Shoot some guns with your bros at Clay Pigeon site!




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