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Celebrating a 50th Birthday Party

08 Oct 2019


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We are all about throwing a party at any chance we get. Here are our best tips for throwing that awesome 50th for your best buddy!


Let’s forget about over the hill, it’s overstayed its welcome. Fifty is no longer what it used to be and we are ready to celebrate! Turning fifty is actually pretty nifty. A person has spent 50 years on this earth and when they reach that birthday milestone there is cause for a celebration.

So if you’re looking for ideas to celebrate someone special on their 50th birthday, give some thought to any or all of the following to show just how wonderful this milestone really is.


Planning the Party

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Invite 50 guests to this grand occasion. Be sure you plan a space that’s big enough to fit all of these guests. If it’s an outside party, there may be enough room, but be prepared for a change in the weather. If it’s going to be an inside party, and your home can’t fit that many guests, you can hire a catering hall to host the event, rent a room at the local club, book a room at your golf club, or see if your church has a room you can rent.


All About the Nifty 50-year-old

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Fifty is an impressive number. A person reaching that age has likely accomplished many things both professionally and personally.

Absolutely roast the birthday boy by reading off any or all of the following lists during your party that describe the guest of honor. You can ask your guests to help fill in these lists either during the party or when they RSVP for your celebration. Just be sure you have a complete list ready in case guests don’t bring ideas for you.


  • 50 Fun Facts About …
  • 50 Worst Accomplishments of …
  • 30 Little Known Facts About …
  • 50 Reasons Why We Love …
  • Decorate with 50 of Everything


Decorate with 50 of any of these items:

  • Get a custom shirt printed of the birthday boy with photos of his best and worst achievements and moments.
  • Get 50 of the most embarrassing photos of your buddy.
  • If your mate is a bit of a player have a list of the 50 girls he wished he never hooked up with.
  • Float 50 helium balloons in his or her favorite color at the entrance to the party room.
  • Put together a playlist of his 50 favourite songs across the decades.
  • Present Food in Displays of 50 for Additional Drama
  • Not for the feint of heart, make sure your 50 year old friend completes 50 shots of a low strength alcohol before the nights out.


If you do think of a theme make sure that everyone sticks with it.



Party Favours

Ivy Model In Pink Lingerie For A 50th Birthday Party


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