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Epic Bucks Party Ideas for All Budgets

25 Jun 2019

You can afford more than beer and boobs on a budget...

Everyone wants to have one night of their life where they live it up and do everything they have been dreaming about since their teenage years. The trick is to put some time and effort into planning the bucks party. It's also a chance to arrange exclusive and premium Ivy Models, enjoy drinks and make your dreams come true. This event doesn’t have to cost you a fortune because all you need your imagination and your boys. Here are five epic bucks party ideas for all budgets:


1. Private Poker Room

If your group is one that does not like to compromise on elegance and class then you can book a private room for poker at a local community club or RSL, or hire a poker table from Ivy Models which comes with the complete set up for you. You will have the privacy to knock yourself out with drinks. You could even dress up like James Bond for a night and make memories that last forever. Private poker is an affordable yet classy idea.

Talk to our team here at Ivy Models to get your private poker night sorted!


2. The Outdoors

There is no better bonding time spent with your lads than going outdoors and exploring your wild side. Don’t worry if you don’t own private yachts or boats, you can always rent them. For example, you can hire a luxury private yacht with all the inclusions you could ever need, aka Ivy Models. From jet skis and fishing boats to super yachts, everything is available at different places that you can rent for a night and go have fun on for the day.

For more outdoors ideas, check out our recent blog post on Action Packed Daytime Bucks Party Ideas.


3. The Old-Fashioned

Another one of our epic bucks party ideas is to just arrange the old-fashioned bucks party. Drinks and strippers. You can’t really go wrong with this one, and can make for a less costly event. Here at Ivy Models, our models offer a range of different services, including topless waitressingnude poker dealing or stripper shows. Just let us know your budget and we’ll suggest the best options for you. It doesn’t matter what your budget is because at the end of the day, you will have a great time being with the boys and enjoying bottomless drinks all night long.


4. Penthouse Entertainment 

Once again, you know you want to keep the night to the boys! Right? There is nothing like having the entire place to yourself while you are drinking and having fun with the boys. You could rent out a penthouse or an awesome house from Airbnb for the night. For the most exciting night of your life, you should not hold back when it comes to acquiring a private space!

Don’t forget the Ivy Models that will show you how to have a great time while you’re there too.


5. Go Camping Boys

Nothing is manlier than being outdoors… apparently. If you want to have an epic night without exceeding your budget, why not go camping? Take your beers, tents and light up the camp fire. You and your mates will get plenty of time to catch up and go 'Tropic Thunder'-style out in the wilderness. Don’t forget a speaker, a lighter and the esky full of beers.

To make this camping trip one the buck will definitely remember, try including some of the best drinking games for your bucks party.

There you have it, just a few epic bucks party ideasfor all budgets. At Ivy Models, we know the exact kind of fun you are looking for and how to add it to your event! We have a range of services and packages for bucks parties and events, so give us a call on 1300 489 277 if you want some more bucks party ideas or extra help planning the big night!

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