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Planning a Bucks Party: Best Tips

11 Sep 2019

So your closest bro is getting married and the legend has asked you to be his best man. That means you’ll have to nail the perfect speech on the big day and help make sure everything runs smoothly. That's the easy part.

Before then, it’s up to you to host the buck's party that will show why you were honoured with being the best man in the first place. You're going to need to do some research. Well, lucky for you we've got a ton of material that will help you plan the bucks activites, choose the best location, incorporate a few fun drinking games and guide you with some basic bucks party rules. Plus much more..... 

For now, follow these few quick tips to help get you started:


1. Keep it fun - careful with the pranks

Obviously, the groom to be is fair game for humiliation and ridicule on the night, but you still want him to have a night to remember so don’t go too far on the pranks. You know your bro better than anyone, so make sure the party contains enough elements he’ll still have one of the best nights of his life. Try to get the right balance between what he wants and what he definitely doesn’t.

For some bucks party prank ideas check out our recent blog post, The Best Bucks Party Pranks. No bucks party is complete without pulling a prank on the main man. And the more alcohol you all drink, the bigger the pranks should be. That’s just how it goes. 


2. Be selective with the invites

Yes, the more the merrier is sometimes true, but for his last night out as a single lad you should just make sure it’s his closest friends and family. Big groups tend to complicate things so as good of an idea as it might sound to invite Greg from accounting, Greg’s unfortunately not a part of the bucks party he really wants. The reality is, your buddy will have more fun with his core friends. Bucks parties are legendarily wild, so you don’t want people there your groom will feel uncomfortable around.


3. Give yourself plenty of time to plan

Life has an annoying habit of getting in the way, so don’t try and plan everything in a fortnight. Give the lads plenty of time to book time off work and get the sing off from their wives… it also means you get more time to plan the most epic party you can. However, if you have left it a little late, read our recent blog post on How to Plan a Bucks Party Last Minute.


4. Keep it simple

Skydiving at midday followed by paintballing, a steak dinner and 10 bars might sound epic but in reality, you’re going to spend more time on the move than actually enjoying the night! Choose a handful of awesome venues and make it a night to remember. Maybe get everyone together ahead of the date and save that awkward small talk at the start of the bucks. Or consider one of our Ivy Models waitresses or showgirls for the event, to make sure the night is free from awkward silences, and obviously to make it the bucks party he really wants.


Above all though, be ready to take charge when required. The night rests on you; people might wander off, the club might be closed or who knows what could happen so be prepared to think on your feet!


If you can try to remember all of these things, you’re guaranteed to give the groom the bucks party he deserves. 


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