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Strippers For Hire: 20 FAQs

18 Sep 2019


Stripper Frequently Asked Questions - Hire A Stripper, How Much Does a Stripper Cost?

Whether you've never hired a stripper before or are a seasoned veteran with the showgirls, this list of frequently asked questions about strippers was created to inform and provoke ideas. If you're looking to hire a stripper for a bucks party, check out our list of best bucks party locations as well as bucks party games you can introduce - there's one involving a stripper in there.

If you think of any more questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.



Do Ivy Models provide strippers?

Yes, we do. We are Ivy Models because our strippers and waitresses are also models. You might like to find out what to expect when you hire a stripper.


Can I specifically choose my stripper?

Yes. Ivy Models is designed to give you, the customer, greater choice in who you get for your event. You can choose a specific Ivy Models showgirl, which will be subject to their individual availability, or see who is available for your event and choose from a group of showgirls.


How can I be more certain to get the stripper I want?

Our girls get booked up quickly. If you book well in advance, you’re much more likely to get the choice you want. We recommend at least 3 weeks in advance to be more certain of getting your choice.


Can I change the stripper I booked?

As long as it’s more than 72 hours before your event, you can make changes to your booking.


When can I cancel without penalty?

Our terms and conditions vary depending on when you booked and when you cancel. For bookings made and cancelled within 72 hours of your event, you will receive a full refund. For bookings made for an event within 72 hours, a refund will not be available. You may receive a credit toward a future booking, but this will be at the sole discretion of Ivy Models.


What do Ivy Models strippers do?

Ivy Models strippers are some of the best adult performers in Australia. The strip shows offered are varied; from R-rated, to X-rated. An R-rated show will be a classic striptease, with the performer seductively teasing the audience and finishing the show naked. Each X-rated show is an open leg show but varies slightly in the artistry of the performers. We have bubble bath shows, dominatrix, strawberries & cream or dynamic sex toy shows to choose from. All shows are entertaining and done in the spirit of good fun and are perfect for bucks parties, milestone birthdays, divorce and retirement parties etc.

Bucks Stripper for Hire - How much does a stripper cost? Stripper Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a stripper?

The prices range from $250 to over a $1000, depending on the type of show you book. The longer the show and the more risqué, the greater the price.


How long do the strip shows go for?

Each show is specific to each performer but typically not less than 20mins. Most of our bookings are for 30 min shows.


How is the price of the strip shows determined?

The prices are determined by the individual performer and the type of show you book.


Can I upgrade my strip show?

Yes, depending on the performer you’ve chosen, upgrades are available. Please note, though, that not all shows are available from all performers as they are specific to each performer. Think of it as a signature act. Having said that, our entertainers are quite flexible :) Check with us.


Are there any extra fees associated?

Only if your event is outside our normal servicing areas. In this case, a travel fee will be added to your booking which will be clearly stated at the time of the booking and will be dependent on the distance your showgirl has to travel.


Can I combine services? ie. Book a stripper and a waitress?

Yes, we have packages available. Enquire here.


Can I book a male stripper?

Yes. We have many male strippers that are not currently featured on our website. Enquire today and we will send you options.


Can my Ivy Models stripper do her show in a costume?

Yes, we welcome any ideas that will bring individuality to your event. Ask us, we are very accommodating.


I have a special request. Can Ivy Models cater to this?

We receive all sorts of different requests. Your event can be your creation. Let us know what you need when asking for a quote and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


I want to become a stripper, how do I do that?

Sign up on the website or the Ivy Models app.


I would like to extend the time of the strip show. Is this possible?

Yes, subject to the availability of your chosen model. The more notice you give us, the more likely your changes will be accommodated.



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Bucks Stripper for Hire - How much does a Stripper Cost? Stripper Frequently Asked Questions



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