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The Best Bucks Party Pranks

25 Jun 2019

Bucks Party Pranks - Tied up Buck Stag

Ivy Models throw the best bucks parties, but one thing we can’t do is prank the groom on the night.

That’s up to you boys. To make the night as memorable as possible for the stag you have to pull a few pranks throughout the bucks.

So, here’s a list of 5 of the best bucks party pranks. If you're looking to add some fun games to your event, be sure to check out our list of 5 best bucks party games.



Bucks Party Pranks - Stripper Cop Police

I know a fake arrest doesn't sound so original, but it’s a classic bucks party prank.

And if you really want to stitch up the stag, have the fake arrest turn into a XXX show.

Once he’s handcuffed, there’ll be no escape for him.

Or if that’s a little too much for the groom, choose from a variety of other shows and services for some great ideas.



Bucks Party Pranks - Paintball

If you’re thinking about doing paintball for part of a bucks party, try figuring out a way to not give the stag any paintballs.

Picture this, you, the boys, the Ivy Models in camo, and the stag with no paintballs. Aim. Fire. Essentially, just use the groom as target practice.

Or better still, dress him up as a fox or a rabbit and go hunting!



Bucks Party Pranks - Male Stripper Cop Policeman Police

In this instance I’m thinking of a male stripper.

Get him to do the whole strip tease to the stag if you really want, or just a little one to not piss him off too much. And then, cue the real show. Not a man, but a sexy beautiful woman of your choosing.

That you can all enjoy watching.

This is one of the most classic bucks party pranks of all time and never disappoints.



Bucks Party Pranks - Crying Hipster Pranks Gone Wrong

After the groom passes out, put a plaster around one his limbs like his arm and wait for the utter hangover level confusion when he wakes up and can’t remember how he broke his arm.



Or if you’d rather gross him out more than shock him when he wakes up the next day, put a mars bar between his butt cheeks.

I haven’t seen in person what that looks like the next day, but I’m sure it’s not pretty. If you’re the one planning the bucks, it’s basically your duty to make sure the night ends with a mars bar between the stag’s butt.

If one of these ideas has you hooked, you can organise the stripper you need on the night. We have heaps of services that could help you pull off the best bucks party prank.

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