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The Bucks Party Rules You Should Follow

25 Jun 2019

It’s happened...

Your best mate has put a finally ring on it and you’re now in charge of giving him the most epic bucks party to cap off his single life, but how do you ensure this party becomes the stuff of legend?

Well you’re in luck. At Ivy Models, we know a thing or two about throwing the biggest and best parties so have put together our top ten Ivy Models bucks party rules below, and since rules are made to be broken, we've also created a list of bucks party penalties, so you can appropriately discipline your buck.

If you prefer to watch a video, check out our Youtube video on bucks party rules.


1. Loose lips sink ships

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Loose Lips Sink Ships

We get it, rules are there to be broken… but not this one. The first rule of any good bucks is you don’t talk about the bucks. What happened on tour, stays on tour.


2. You’re not E.T

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Phone Home Wife Girlfriend don’t phone home. You’re here to party with the lads, not keep the missus updated. All phones should be switched off at the start and only turned on in life and death situations (or you really need an uber). Anyone caught calling or texting receives an automatic penalty.


3. No man left behind

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Drunk At Bar, Passed Out Drinking

There’s always someone who goes too hard too soon and doesn’t make it past 10pm. Ridicule them, sure, but no man is left behind. The least drunk person is in charge of getting them home and will be rewarded with a top shelf drink of their choice on their return!


4. No press

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Don't Post On Social Media

No one needs world war three kicking off because someone saw something on Facebook - photos are a don't. Period. Keep the Snapchats, Instagram stories and Facebook posts away. Anyone found in violation of this rule will face a penalty.


5. Shark spotting

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Shark Game

A bucks party can face dangerous waters. As best man you’re in charge of keeping everyone safe at random intervals, whenever you shout ‘Shark!” the floor immediately becomes the sea and the rest of the group have to find higher ground by any means possible. Last man off the floor buys a round.

For some prank ideas check out another recent article of ours, The Best Bucks Party Pranks.


6. Don’t be a dick

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Don't Be A Dick

Simplest of all bucks party rules. It’s one for all, all for one. Don’t ruin the party.


7. Preparing for married life

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Hunting, Follow Orders

The groom’s about to enter a life where every decision is made by the wife. To prepare him for this, he must get used to following instruction. The group decides, what he does, what he wears, what he drinks and where he goes… any rule breaking results in a penalty.


8. Right or left?

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Buffalo Club, Left Hand Drinking

Here's an 'exclusive' club your group can join. Now, if I tell you this, you can't 'un-know' it and once you've heard it, you're a member for life. So, read on only if you are prepared to join one of the oldest clubs on the planet; The Buffalo Club.

The origins of the Buffalo Club are said to have begun in the gun-slinging wild, west days where men would be constantly prepared for a fight by keeping their right hand free to draw their gun. This left only their left hand for drinking some cold beer or slamming back some whiskey.

Its said that if you're a member of the Buffalo Club (and now you are), if you're caught drinking with your right hand you must immediately skol the drink your holding as a penalty. Ofcourse, you're going to have to tell your group about this club before your night begins. Membership is a privilege.


9. No skipping rounds

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - No Parking Drinks, Don't Skip Rounds

A round is sacred. No bucks attendee will skip their round – your bros are thirsty.


10. Trust the professionals

Bucks Party Rules Stag Bachelor - Ivy Models

The last and most important of bucks party rules. At Ivy Models, we know how to throw a party; we’ve hosted countless bucks parties and group events. We can help you organise an epic event with the help of our sexy Ivy Models, so get yours sorted today and book a great night!


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