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The Ivy Models Bucks Party Survival Guide

25 Jun 2019

Do you think you'll make it?

So this is it; the boys are ready, the groom is rightfully nervous and you’re all ready for the ultimate bucks party, so here at Ivy Models, we thought we’d put together a quick bucks party survival guide to help you ensure everything runs smoothly and make this an event to remember!


Once you're done with the survival guide, you might want to check out some of the things not to do on a bucks party.


1. Line that stomach

Bucks Party Survival Help Ideas Tips - Line the Somach Big Food Burger


First up, before you even go to the bucks party, make sure you’ve eaten. I don’t mean to start this off sounding like a parent, but this is going to be a big one and doing it on an empty stomach is asking for a hangover you won’t forget anytime soon.


An evening of drinking games can really take its toll without a good base. So eat first.


Shot glasses and whiskey are the perfect intro to the evening, so make sure you’ve got a bottle of the finest scotch on hand and enough glasses for the boys. To really class it up, a couple of cigars to ease you into the evening never goes amiss.


There are some great bars and distilleries around Australia where you can go to do whiskey and cigar tastings, or they can even come to you. Check out our recent article on the Best Bucks Party Whiskey Tastings.



2. Stash some cash

Bucks Party Survival Help Ideas Tips - Stash Cash Money Hidden


Secondly for our bucks party survival guide, the emergency stash. There must be an emergency stash of cash. And if you’re heading to a casino, keep the emergency stash back at the apartment.


Things will undoubtedly get messy; beers and bourbon will flow, memories become hazy and the last thing you want is to order a kebab at 3am to realise you’ve got no money left to pay for it… so take $100 and stash it away.


As I said, I recommend not taking it with you especially if you’re staying close by, but if you must take it hide it in your wallet, stick it in your sock or anywhere it’ll be safe.


Only break it out for that emergency McDonalds at the end of the night or to cover the Uber home. And no boys, when I say emergency that doesn’t mean running out of cash at the roulette table.


Not so much a survival item than it is a necessity, but this is the groom’s last night out with the lads as a single man – so it’s only right he’s humiliated! Find the most embarrassing fancy dress you can and present it to the lucky man at the start of the night.


Make him wear it out to your first bar or club, or all night… it depends how drunk the buck is. For other prank ideas, see our recent article on The Best Bucks Party Pranks.



3. Hangover cure

Bucks Party Survival Help Ideas Tips - Berocca Hangover Cure Panadol Hair Of The Dog


This isn’t a normal night out, a bucks party tends to get a little wild so chances are the morning after isn’t going to be pretty.


The essential items to any survival kit is the hangover cures; Panadol to ease that pounding head, water to help that dry mouth, Berocca to give you that little boost and some sunglasses to hide those bags under your eyes when stepping out in public.


Food is also an essential part of our Ivy Bucks Party Survival Guide. Before the bucks party, stop in at the supermarket and get all the ingredients for a big cook up in the morning.


Or go one step further, get one of our sexy topless waitresses to come over and cook and serve you breakfast the next day. Bacon and buns, it’s not a proven hangover cure but we think it does the trick.


Finally, to ensure survival back home the most important thing for any attendee to remember is the golden rule; what happens on the bucks party, stays on the bucks party.



At Ivy Models, we are the experts at organising epic bucks party entertainment. For help beyond the Bucks Party Survival Guide, give us a call. We'll help you organise a party for your buck, stress free.

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