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The Ultimate Bucks Party 2020: The Ivy Guide (UPDATED)

25 Jun 2019

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Look no further...

So you thought your mate was about to embark on a remarkable journey to another stage in life - marriage. But before he does, COVID-19 came crashing through the doors. Now, it's up to you as his friend to plan him the ultimate bucks party. Planning a bucks party might be a challenging task. However, there are numerous things to take into consideration whenever you are planning a bucks party for your buddy.

If your sick of being stuck inside and ready to go wild and make it an all-out party with a kind of Las Vegas style night of adventures, we can help you out. Now is this time to plan something epic that you and the lads are going to remember for a life-time.

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At Ivy Models, we have been able to put together a few more helpful bucks party tips that will guide you on how to throw the ultimate bucks party for the groom-to-be. Let’s get started.


Settle on a Budget

While you might have spent many hours thinking about how to get the ball rolling, with the sole intent that the sky is the limit, your budget is most likely expected to have a different plan. First place to start, who’s paying for the bucks?

Sometimes the best man will shoulder the fund sourcing for the party. If you are the best man, you would probably be strapped out of cash at some point. This implies that you would have to cut your costs according to your sizes.

So, before you begin with plans to throw that bucks party, know where the money's coming from.

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Keep the Groom’s Wishes in Mind

In some groups of mates, you might all have very different ideas for a bucks, but this time you have to think of the stag and what he wants. The most important thing is that you need to set aside your elaborate desires and stick with what the groom himself wants.

Not all blokes want the 'Hangover'-style bucks, and the planning for the main wedding might be so overwhelming that it will make the groom-to-be simply want to relax and enjoy that moment. So, always consider his desires in all your plans. With this, he’ll be more happy and comfortable. It is his night after all.


You Need Entertainment

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No one wants a sausage fest for a bucks party, so you need need need to hire entertainment. You could hire a lingerie or topless waitress to serve you drinks and food (not something you want to be thinking about when getting loose). Or if you’re looking for something a little more to really impress your buck, book a showgirl. Here at Ivy Models, we provide showgirls with a diverse range of performances; from a simple bubble bath show to a downright rauncy sex toy show and a little of everything in between. Having a few girls around keep the party fun and exciting, as well as help the drinks keep flowing.


Create a Schedule

It might be the first time you’ve found yourself allocated with that great task of organising and planning the ultimate bucks party. While it is an honour to find yourself in the bucks planning position, it isn’t as easy as purchasing a keg and sending out invites to a number of your friends around your home! Maybe think about creating a schedule or a to-do-list. Jot down your plans. What activities is everyone interested in? Where do you want to go? Where will you stay? How will you get around? Who's going to handle the money?


Keep Communications Open

If you are planning on organising a surprise stag party, you probably don't want the guest of honor to be aware of your plans. It is highly essential that you keep the rest of your mates informed and up-to-date. Keep them informed with the planning and your expectations from them. So, start a Facebook Messenger group or something like that for easy communication. If you're looking to book Ivy Models, we make it easy to share with  friends the girls you are most interested in.


Leave Room for Unexpected Events

Like many other things in life, things won’t always go as planned, especially when you’re drunk. So give room for unexpected occurrences and be ready to improvise for things that go wrong along the line.  So keep the event flexible enough that you can fit in with other activities or scratch a few if you need.

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There you have it! Ivy’s Guide to throwing the ultimate bucks party of 2019. There’s no right way to plan the ultimate bucks party. Just stay somewhat organised with it and make it what the groom wants, with maybe a few little extras.

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