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The Ultimate Bucks Party Guide To Fancy Dress

27 Sep 2019


Buck's Party Fancy Dress Hunting The Stag Dressed As A Duck


Everyone knows the any true bucks party requires booze, the lads and making a fool of the groom to be. Fancy dress is a great idea to not only embarrass the buck but also make your group stand out from the crowd… and maybe ensure the single lads in the group get to meet some females in the bar!


There are literally thousands of possible ideas for fancy dress, but we’ve put together our top 20 fancy dress costumes…



1. Super Heroes

Bucks Party Super Heroes Ideas


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a rag tag bunch of Super Heroes!


Organise your bros into the ultimate collection of Super Heroes – from Batman, Superman to Captain America the list is endless… just make sure you all know who’s going as who, no bucks party needs two caped crusaders dressed the same!



2. Mario Brothers

Who doesn’t love the iconic Nintendo characters? The legendary Italian plumbers make the perfect choice for a bucks party crew. Split the group up into a mix of the Mario brothers… everyone knows Luigi and Mario so you’re bound to be the centre of attention.


3. Steve Irwin

The Australian legend is known around the world. Get the groom dressed up as the animal loving icon whilst the rest of you can dress up as various animals you might find in the wild… bonus points for wrestling with Steve!


4. Celebrity

An easy and open option for people, keep the theme to just ‘celebrities’ and see what your bucks party attendees can come up with… the weirder and wilder the better of course!


5. X-men

A great one for the whole group. The Groom to be naturally has to be Professor Xavier whilst the rest of your crew can choose another of the famous heroes… or villains! Why not have some dress up as the evil villains!


6. Grannies

3 Guys Dressed Up As Old People With Walking Frames


Grey wigs, floral dresses and croaky voices. The entire group has to dress up as an old granny, complete with inflatable walking frames! Don’t let anyone walk at normal speed – slow and steady wins this race. Any rule breaking is punishable by forfeit.



7. Golfers

Buck's Party Bad Golf Fashion


Four! Get the sweater vests out and the visors ready… we’re playing golf. Plastic golf clubs are obviously a must and for the ultimate night, then you have to play pub golf throughout the evening!



8. Get your Lederhosen on

Lederhosen Fancy Dress For Bucks Party


Get your oom pah pah on with the crew dressing up in their very best Lederhosen and go fully European. Is there a German beer hall near your destination? Perfect option, everyone loves a stein of beer and some bratwurst! Great for an October bucks!



9. The Village People

Black And White Picture Of The Village People On A Wooden Boat


Go west… arguably the world’s best fancy dress band (and probably only). Get yourself dressed up as America’s catchy disco group – just make sure the groom to be is the one in the most embarrassing costume!



10. Blushing bride

Buck In A Wedding Dress Fancy Dress Idea


His big day is just around the corner… so celebrate by making the Stag wear a wedding dress for the entire evening, whilst the rest of you go suited and booted in your Sunday best!



11. Toy soldiers

Bucks Party Ideas Fancy Dress As A Toy Soldier


Soldier, are you ready for the wildest night yet? Get your entire group dressed up as the Toy Story green toy soldiers and get marching around the bar. 



12. Lego

Lego Costumes Fancy Dress For Bucks Party


Those building blocks and yellow headed toys filled everyone’s childhood so why not go back with a special Lego themed fancy dress! Hire a set of the block head costumes and hit the town. 



13. Star Wars

Star Wars Storm Trooper Costumes For Bucks Party


The dark side is strong… and offers a wide choice! Star Wars is the biggest film franchise in the world so get the group split between light and dark force; Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Strom troopers vs. Yoda… and obviously the groom to be is dressed as Princess Leia!



14. Clowns

Group Of Guys Sitting Around a Table Dress Up As Scary Clowns Fancy Dress


There’s nothing scarier than a group of clowns walking into a bar. So why not scare the hell of each other and other people with some evil clown suits!



15. WWE

WWE Bucks Party Fancy Dress


Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Go full Hulk Hogan and get your Bucks Party dressed up as iconic wrestling stars… from the Undertaker to the Hit Man, the choice is endless.



16. Sumo suits

Sumo Suits Bucks Party Fancy Dress


Not the most practical, but inflatable Sumo suits will certainly make sure you stand out from the crowd wherever you go!



17. Morph Suits

Morph Suits For Bucks Party Fancy Dress


Equally as unpractical, morph suits might be a pain to wear but you’re not here for the ease. Everyone choose a different colour and make sure everyone knows you’re here to party!

Protip: Just don't wear a light colour: those sweat marks are not pretty!


18. Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtle Fancy Dress For Bucks Party


Cowabunga dude! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a staple of fancy dress ideas, so get your Bucks Party ready to fight evil with the TMNT suits! 



19. Baywatch

Bucks Party Costume Baywatch


Everyone knows the theme tune and the costume is probably the most easily recognisable. Complete the look with some plastic inflatables… and just ensure the groom is forced to do his best Pamela Anderson look. Maybe a red Man-kini is more his thing?


20. Top Gun

Top Gun Fancy Dress For Bucks Party Idea

Whether you’re a Maverick, Iceman, Cougar or Goose… suit up with your green Top Gun overalls – and complete the look with the customary aviators.


These might be our favourite costumes but this is just the tip of the iceberg. From group costumes to individual designs, you can choose whatever you want. Just don’t let a party pooper go in civilian clothes… this isn’t a time to be shy or boring; your best bro is getting married and this is a one for all, all for one kind of bucks party!

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