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Things Not to Do At a Bucks Party

25 Jun 2019

Bucks Party Rules Don't Do - Gone Wrong


Don't be that guy...

If you’re getting married soon, then the main thing you should be looking forward to is the bucks party. And then, of course, there's spending the rest of your life with the person you love, but which one is really more exciting? The bucks of course! BOOM!


Extremely famous and a part of the Aussie tradition, bucks parties are the way to say goodbye to a man's single life.


The reality is that it's not easy to organise a bucks party. You have to take into consideration the groom’s preferences, arrange a place and all the activities and venues for all the boys to meet, so that you can all celebrate together.


Make sure you put some thought into how you're going to entertain the group with some interesting bucks ideas, whilst making sure its original and enjoyable for everyone. 


While most people tend to think about what they can do at a bucks party, here at Ivy Models we think you should also consider the things you shouldn't do at a bucks party. Save yourself the from the grief that comes from organising a flop.


#1: Don't Go on An Overseas Trip

Buck Party Rules Don't Do - Overseas Trip

While we would all love to go overseas, the truth is that you have everything you need (and much more) right here in Australia. Besides, if it is already difficult to organise everything here in Australia, imagine all the hassle of having to worry about visa cards, delayed flights, as well as so many other things that can go wrong. 

For some local suggestions, we recently put together a list of bucks party venues in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Gold Coast, where we are based in Australia. 


#2: Don't Go Paintballing

Bucks Party Rules Don't Do - Paintball

Yes, we know. It's fun. It's daring. But it's not appropriate for a bucks party, not one that’s just before the wedding anyway. And the reason is simple. What will the bride (and all the other guests) think of the groom if he shows up at his own wedding with his faced covered with welts and bruises?

There are many other things you can do to have fun besides paintballing. So, just scratch this one off your list. 


#3: Don't Share Anything On Social Media

Bucks Party Rules Don't Do - What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour

When you are planning a bucks party, you need to make sure that you warn all guests that social media is banned. Bucks are supposed to be in your memory only (if you can remember it of course). 

Without sounding like a school principal, social media posts are forever. Your groom probably doesn’t want his family and future employers to see what happened in a night that was supposed to be potentially one of the biggest and wildest nights of his life. So, simply ban phones, photos, and videos.


#4: Don't Go To A Strip Club

Bucks Party Rules Don't Do - Strip Club

If this is the first bucks that you are organising, you may be tempted to take everyone to a strip club. However, this can be extremely expensive and will separate your group, and the vibe of the night can disappear. A much better idea is to simply book Ivy Models for your bucks at a private venue. Why not have topless waitresses serve you drinks with a show at the end of the night right in your own living room? No strip club can compare to this.


#5: Don't Forget About The Dinner

Bucks Party Rules Don't Do - Skip Dinner Steak

Last on our list of the top five things not to do at a bucks party, is don't skip dinner. No matter what you're going to do after or where you go, dinner should be memorable and at the very least, you need to have something in your stomach to survive the entire night. You can be sure that everyone will love the idea. What full grown man says no to a good feed?


Now that you know the things not do at a bucks party, check out a recent blog post of ours on the Bucks Party Rules You Should Follow. Then you’ll have the complete low down of all the main do’s and don'ts for a great bucks party. If you are still stuck for ideas, give us a call at Ivy Models and we'll help you organise the best bucks night possible.




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