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Top 10 Alternative Bucks Party Ideas

17 Oct 2019


Have you been put in charge of organising your best mates final weekend of bachelor life before he sets off on the adventure of marriage? That’s a LOT of pressure, we get that. Where do you begin? Well, it all depends on what kind of person the groom-to-be is.


Of course there are the obvious choices – clubbing, bar crawls, strippers and booze cruises are all staple choices of bucks parties up and down the country. This is a special event though and you want to make sure it’s a weekend that will never, ever be forgotten?


Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together some of the best alternative, extreme and unique bucks party ideas to ensure it’s a party that’ll be remembered for a lifetime.


1. Go Extreme

Mountain Biking Alternative Bucks Party Idea


Does your bro LOVE the thrill of adventure? Is he an adrenaline junky? Then go extreme and give him a weekend he’ll never forget. No matter which city you are heading to you will be able to find some epic thrill-seeking activities for you and the boys to get underway. Take a look around at some of the legendary things you could do; Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing, Sand boarding… the list is endless!



2. Getting classy

Men In Stylish Suits Dressed For A Bucks Party


White knuckle, thrill seeking adventures not your thing? Why not have a weekend enjoying the finer things in life. This isn’t a weekend of shorts and t-shirts, this is a chance for you and your best mates to give the groom to be a weekend he’ll never forget in style. Suit up and book in some luxury restaurants, whiskey tastings and winery tours to taste the finest food and drink on offer. You could even go full James Bond and add in a trip to the casino afterwards.



3. Search for treasure

Body Shots Alternative Bucks Party Ideas


OK we’re not talking about heading out to try and find sunken pirate ships but about a way to change up your traditional bar crawls. Before you leave the weekend, give each attendee a list of treasures to tick off… from hugging strangers to taking body shots off them.


Every activity needs an accompanying photo and the person with the most photo ‘treasure’ at the end of the weekend is top pirate.



4. Get away from it all

Camping In Nature As An Unique Bucks Party Idea


Sick of the hustle and bustle of city life? Why not get away from it all and have a good time  out in nature with your bros. Australia has some absolutely epic places to get away from it all – so whether you are looking at camping or glamping, forests or beaches, you’ll be able to find the perfect place for the ultimate bucks party in the wild. Don’t forget to pack plenty of beers for those late nights around a camp fire.



5. Get Sporty

AFL Grand Final Alternative Bucks Party Idea


Is your best bro sport mad? Is his favourite team playing away? Why not book a weekend trip to go see them play in another city! You could even go the whole hog and book a VIP box for the ultimate experience. Win or lose, after the big day, you can then hit the town and experience the night life the city has to offer.



6. Beer Bicycle

Beer Bike Idea Adelaide Alternative Bucks Party Ideas


In a new city? Want to see the sights whilst slowly getting drunk? Then a beer bicycle is your new best friend. The portable pubs are a frequent sight in cities around the world as bucks parties hit the streets, pouring their own pints as they pedal around town led by their own private tour guide! If you're in Adelaide you can join Australia's first pedal pub



7. Fast and Furious

Extreme Drag Racing Alternative Bucks Party Ideas


Here's an epic bucks party for all you petrol heads? Why not put the pedal to the metal and give your best mate a high-octane experience in some of the world’s most incredible sports cars! Race circuits and venues around the country regularly host dream days where attendees can hit the track in everything from Ferraris to Lamborghinis.



8. Cooking up something good

Professional Chef Cooking In Your Own Home For An Alternative Bucks Party Idea


Who says a bachelor party has to be a debaucherously wild night? Why not hire in a professional chef to come and teach you and your bros some culinary delights than you can then go home and impress the ladies with! Throw in a couple of beers, some good music and you’ve got the recipe for a great night. Of course as it’s a bucks night you can always hire a topless waitress to help out, we’ve got some of Australia’s finest here at Ivy Models!



9. Poker face

Home Poker tournament Alternative Bucks Party Ideas


Reckon you’ve got what it takes to win big?  Why don’t you and your mates send your best bro off into married life with an epic games night! Who needs Las Vegas when you can hire a professional private poker table and dealer, stock the fridge with beer, get some top notch whiskey sorted and play your best hand. At Ivy Models we offer professional Topless Dealers who’ll make sure this isn’t just a standard poker night!



10. Party house

Party House Alternative Bucks Party Idea


If you’ve ever tried to organise a night out with a big group, you’ll know just how slow and annoying it can be getting anywhere… and then when you do half the group won’t even be allowed in the club.


Take the stress out of the bucks party by booking yourself a party house! Get a banging DJ sorted, hire some Ivy Models topless waitresses to keep the drinks flowing all night and get set for the biggest party of your lives! Its way better than haning out at a strip club!



These are ten ideas, but if you’re in charge of giving your best mate the ultimate bucks party don’t settle for the clichéd and tired ideas. Here at Ivy Models we’ve got everything you need to ensure it’ll be a party you and the boys will talk about for years to come!


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