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Top 5 Bucks Party Accommodation Ideas

20 Sep 2019

Everyone loves a bucks party, but not everyone loves to organise one. Frankly, it can be a headache to research and book, and then there’s always someone that complains. It can be a thankless job. If your organising a destination event, then your job just got a little harder – an extra element of travel and accommodation.

To make your job a little easier, we’ve come up with a list of bucks party accommodation ideas with the pro’s and con’s of each.

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1. Party House accommodation

Buck Party Accommodation ideas - Party House

Before considering the bucks party accommodation, first figure out what you’re going to do with the group. What bucks activities do you have planned?  Do you need to stick together the whole time or do you meet up at an event?

Is it going to be a weekend full of activities where you’re out and about, or is the accommodation going be the event?

If you’ve got a big group and you want to keep everyone together, you should definitely consider a party house. ie. a house where the owner rents it out knowing its going to be used for parties.

You can find these for-purpose party houses for rent on Airbnb,, or Domain and it is a clear distinction from any old house you might rent.

First, it comes with the expectation you’re going to make a bit of noise and there’s going to be mess than is usually the case. The downside of that is they’ll usually have a increased cleaning fee, but you can rest easy and enjoy your time knowing you’re not going to have an irate owner or manager screaming at you.

Secondly, a party house is usually a little larger and is designed in such a way to entertain and sleep a larger number of people than your typical home. Some of the locations are truly rockstar, with facilities to match – big outdoor pool, bar, cinema rooms, big open kitchen and large lounge areas.

It’s a great to keep the group together, so you’re not always separated travelling around or in different hotels.

To get the most out of your weekend it’s a great idea having everyone stay together.

This is our favourite bucks party accommodation for a larger group.



  1. Big house with great facilities
  2. Built for fun, noise and mess
  3. Designed to party
  4. Keeps the group together


  1. Not always near to other activities you would like to do
  2. Arguments over who gets which room – tip: the buck gets the master bed


2. Hire a Yacht

Bucks Party Accommodation Ideas - Motor Yacht Hire Stag Party

A unique bucks party accommodation idea is to hire a yacht. It’s definitely not for all budgets, but spreading the cost over a group can make this realistic. It’s really a 'baller' way to do a bucks party.

If your location warrants multiple short-stop destinations, think of it as a mobile hotel on the water. This accomodation is the destination. Party into the night whilst cruising the local waters. Wake up to the serenity of the ocean and the freshness of the clean sea air. Dive right in to get over that hangover.

There are multiple places in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast to hire a yacht for parties. If you are in Sydney, check out Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters for hiring a yacht. They have a variety of vessels of varying sizes and prices.

Even if you don’t choose a yacht as your accomodation, there’s always the option of hiring one for just a few hours.



  1. If you make this happen, it’ll be legendary. You'll be a rockstar!
  2. You’ll have complete privacy. There’s no chance of any unwanted guests.
  3. Dock at multiple destinations, using your yacht as a mobile hotel.


  1. The number of guests may be limited, depending on the size of the yacht.
  2. Cost - it can be expensive.
  3. You’ll need to make sure everyone arrives on time.


3. Camping

Bucks Party Accommodation Ideas - Camping Stag Party

If you want to get back to nature, get real and connect with your mates, load up the 4wd, grab your gear and go native.

Believe it or not, the camping bucks party is becoming a popular choice. Particularly with the rise of glamping (glamourous camping), those that normally wouldn’t get out in the wild and sleep rough, no longer need to rough it.

You may also consider a caravan park as mid-way option compared to pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere. There are many sites now that offer small cabins, resort pools, and some even have a bar.

One big plus with camping is that you’ll have to find more innovative ways to find entertainment, other than hanging at a bar, that is. There’s a ton of bucks activities that can be done whilst you’re camping. Eg.. fishing, hiking, 4wd’ing, climbing, canoeing, whitewater rafting etc

It’s a very cost effective bucks party accommodation idea, whilst being a lot of fun too!



  1. Great bonding experience. Connect with your mates.
  2. Quality time with friends. Put your devices down, and really get talking.
  3. Get creative with outdoor activities –  eg. fishing, hiking, 4wd’ing, climbing, canoeing, whitewater rafting etc


  1. Not everone wants to get all Bear Grylls-like, but being in a small group might be a way to get those people interested.
  2. Some skills are necessary - ie. setting up camp, cooking, and bringing the appropriate equipment, etc


4. Hotel or Apartment

Bucks Party Accommodation Ideas - Hotel Stag Party

A hotel or apartment is an easy option, with heaps of choice and most centrally located near entertainment and dining districts, making it very convenient for groups where travel can be prohibitive.

However, one big downside to hotel and apartment accommodation is the structured check-out times. Who wants to get up with a screaming hangover and checkout at 10 or 11am? Not us!



Bucks Party Accommodation Tips - Late Checkout


Pro-tip:            Always ask for a late checkout and preferrably before check-in.

Often times a hotel will allow extra time if they don’t have incoming guests. Some hotels know guests will arrive later in the day and will be happy to accommodate your request. Additionally, some hotels will offer a very discounted half-day rate to really extend your booking.



  1. Many around and easy to find.
  2. Keep everyone together.
  3. Usually in a centrally located place with nearby entertainment and dining options.
  4. No clean up required.


  1. Hotel rules.
  2. Noise level requirements – neighbours.
  3. Separate the group across the hotel – try and find adjoining rooms or request the same floor.
  4. Check out times are a pain.


5. Your House

Bucks Party Accommodation Ideas - House Party Home BBQ

Let’s face it. Organising an entire weekend of activities AND accommodation is a big ask and who’s got time for that? Take a load off and have everyone over to your place. Simples!

You’ll feel more relaxed in your own home and everyone can come to you - no hassle travelling, and at the end of the night you can crash in your own bed.

Make sure you get the others to help out with the food and drink and ofcourse the inevitable clean-up the next day.



  1. You will have complete control over the party.
  2. You don’t have to pay for the location.
  3. You can reduce the cost of catering. Think ‘massive BBQ’, or get a pig on the spit!
  4. Your house, your rules. No compromises with hotel management. Party your way.


  1. If anything gets damaged, its your likely to be yours.
  2. Noise – let’s hope you’ve got good neigbours.
  3. Cleaning – that mess could have been left at a Party House, but now its yours.
  4. Finding a bed for everyone.
  5. What do you do with your family?


Ofcourse, if a destination bucks is not necessary and you choose to go without any accommodation and go somewhere locally, you can sink what you’ve saved in other bucks party activities and pack more into the weekend for the same price.



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