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Top Ten Ivy Models Bucks Party Penalties

12 Sep 2019

You’ve read our Top Ten Bucks Party rules

But we all know rules are there to be broken, so we’ve put together our Top Ten Ivy Models Bucks Party penalties for when any of the boys stray… In this post, we'll go over all potential penalties you can use on any rebellious member of your bucks.


1. The Text Home

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Phone Wife Girlfriend

Everyone knows phones have no place on a bucks party so if any of the group break this rule and phones home, then the rest of the group get to text any number on his phone with a message of their choice. Maybe leave your phone back at the house to be safe from this one.


2. Handy Man

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Handyman Tim Taylor Tool Time

For minor infractions, the rule breaker must walk into the men’s toilet and politely ask everyone in their if they need a hand with anything. Hopefully no one takes him up on the offer…


3. The Make Over

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Make Up For Men

Did someone skip a round? Are they not wearing their fancy dress costume? Find the nearest group of girls and invite them to give the victim a makeover however they see fit. Clothes can definitely be removed too. Or if you're partying with one of our Ivy Models, ask them to do the honours.


4. Tied together

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Tied Shoelaces

Have you got two rule breakers on your hand? There’s an easy fix. Both scoundrels will be tied together by their shoelaces for ten minutes (or if they don’t have laces by any means you see fit) and have to continuously walk around the bar until their time is up. Try not to get arrested if you’re doing this one down the street, because it’s guaranteed you will look drunk and disorderly suffering this bucks party penalty.


5. Floored

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Man Sitting Crosslegged

Another easy one on the list of bucks party penalties... no matter where you are. The rule breaker must spend ten minutes on the floor – so if you’re out for dinner or on the dancefloor, they have to immediately sit cross legged on the floor or if you’re out walking to the next venue they have crawl on all fours! Just make sure to not leave the unlucky man behind if you leave him sitting somewhere.


6. Copycat

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Copy Cat Marcel Marceau

The groom selects a random person in the bar and the rule breaker then has to copy their every move for ten minutes. If he gets noticed by the person he’s copying, then it’s time for a shot.


7. Backwards man

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Obama Backwards Walking Moonwalk

For bigger infringements, the rule breaker has to spend thirty minutes walking backwards without any help from the rest of the group. This could mean a lot of moonwalking if you’re in the middle of a club.


8. Traffic Lights

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Traffic Lights Cocktail Shots

The victim must down three shots; one green, one yellow and one red. The group gets to choose the flavours! It is a bucks party though, so you might as well make the green one a shot of Absinth.


9. Dirty Pint

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Dirty Pint Disgusting Drink

A step on from Traffic Lights, the group secures an empty pint glass from the bar and fills it with whatever they see fit; leftovers, shots, pickle juice – whatever you fancy to make a full pint… the rule breaker must then down it. This is an ideal penalty for when you’re still partying at home. Or leave it up to one of our topless waitresses or nude waitresses to serve your drinks and choose this deadly penalty when it comes up.


10. Sock It

Bucks Party Penalties Stag Bachelor - Sock Beer

Last of the bucks party penalties and the ultimate punishment for any rule breaker. The groom to be (or Best Man if the groom is the rule breaker) takes off their sock and places it over a pint glass, which the victim has to then down through the sock.


Seeing as this is the ultimate punishment... leave the penalty until the end of the night and use a sick someone has been wearing all day and night. If for some reason you don’t have a sock, this one of the bucks party penalties can easily turn into a “shoey.”

Although we can give you the rules and penalties to a bucks party online, give us a contact us to find out more about our models, services and how we can help turn your bucks party into the one of the most epic nights you and the boys will ever have.



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