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The Hucks Party - say what?!

26 Nov 2019


A what party? We hear you cry - A hucks party is the latest trend in the world of partying and celebrations, combining the best aspects of a hens party and a bucks party (Hens + Bucks = Hucks).


It’s an event where bride and groom can celebrate their upcoming nuptials together.


Whilst there is still a lot of couples who opt to go their separate ways and host traditional hens and bucks party celebrations, this new idea brings both friendship groups together for an epic night of partying.


Let’s be honest, in this modern society it makes sense; most of us are all friends with our other halve's friends already, so why split up a close group of mates when you could combine them for an even bigger night out.


There’s lots of benefits to joining forces and partying together too. Primarily, the biggest of them all is that it saves you a tonne of money! You’re not having to fork out for two lots of events and two nights out – it also makes choosing a date a lot easier rather than trying to find two suitable dates for your friends.


Of course, with such a large group, trying to organise everything can be a little difficult as anyone who’s tried to organise a large party will tell you.


There’s trying to find a suitable venue which can cater for everyone as well as trying to sort enough taxis and transport for everyone to get home but the pay off is definitely worth it.


Another important factor of a hucks party is remembering to organise something that both groups of friends will enjoy. So with that in mind we’ve put together our top five hucks party ideas that you can take part in.



1. Party House


Hucks Party House For Hens and Bucks Parties


The best way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials? Hire a big party house, get all your friends together and host a massive celebration the likes of which have never been seen before.


Get a party house with a pool, crack some beers and some champers and get the tunes pumping for an epic day that will never be forgotten. Why not throw the BBQ on and get cooking too?


Of course with such an epic party raging, the last thing that you want to be doing is making sure everyone has enough food and drink… so why not hire some of our professional waiters and waitresses?


We have a range of male and female clothed or topless options across Australia who’ll make sure your guests are having the best possible time.



2. Dinner


Dinner Party Idea for Hens and Bucks Party


Going out for a dinner is always a great idea and can be a perfect option for your combined hens and bucks party. Of course a lot of friendship groups do this already so to make it a little different why not hold it in your own place?


Hire in a professional chef to cook up restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own home. You can even hire some of our Ivy Models male and female waiting staff to ensure everyone is served and drinks are continuously topped up.


If your house isn’t big enough to host it, book yourself into a fancy restaurant and enjoy a night of fine dining. Top it off with some drinks and you’ve got yourself an incredible evening that everyone will love!



3. Hens vs Bucks


Hens Vs Bucks At The Hucks Party


Nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to get the party going! Pit the girls against the boys for an epic day of competition. Whether it’s at a game of paintballing, bubble football, Go Karting or beach games it’s a great way to get the group together and engaging with each other.


Another popular idea is to create a scavenger hunt across the city, making each group do silly things or collect certain items. Of course, the losing team will have to at least buy a round of drinks for the winning team!



4. Escape Room


Escape Room Hucks Party Idea


Another great group activity which is one of the most popular trends right now is an Escape Room. Split the group into two separate teams (bride vs. groom is always popular) and see who can crack the code and escape the quickest.


Not only is this a great way to bring the group together – particularly if there’s some people who might not know each other – but it requires little planning and can certainly accommodate the largest of groups.


Obviously no good hucks party is complete without plenty of drinks so add another layer of competition by making the losing group buy the opening rounds. Just make sure you have plenty of bars lined up for when you have escaped!



5. Cocktail Making night


Cocktail Making Hucks Party Ideas


Another great combined event is to book your hucks party into an evening of cocktail making. Some of the best bars in cities across the country regularly host cocktail making evenings, with skilled bar staff showing you how to make some of the tastiest drinks possible.


So whether you are getting married and looking for something a little different to the tired and outdated hens and bucks parties, or perhaps have been tasked with organising your best bros party, then a hucks could be the perfect solution for you.





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