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What to expect when you hire a stripper

23 Sep 2019

Beautiful Stripper For Hire

The ultimate bucks party is on the horizon and you’re in charge of booking the entertainment. A stripper is often seen as a rite of passage for a buck, but before you do hire a bucks night stripper, make sure it’s something the groom would want… there’s nothing worse than accidently annoying your bro by booking something he (or his bride) are really against.


If it’s all good though, then it’s time to keep to tradition and get the night sorted! but be sure to follow the bucks party rules!


If you're curious about the origins of the stripping industry, have a read of our blog about some famous strippers in history.


Never booked a stripper before?

Wise Stripper Quote Never Done That Before


If you've never booked a stripper before, it can be a little daunting and you might not know where to start. However, by using the professional platform created by Ivy Models, we make it a lot easier and simpler.


Ivy Models has been designed to give you the greatest choice of showgirls for your event. Our easy to use system allows you to choose a specific stripper, subject to availability, as well as see everyone else that is available for your event dates.


Our models are incredibly popular though, so we advise booking weeks or months in advance  to ensure you get the showgirl you want.




Beware Sign Strippers For Hire


Like everything in life, the more you pay the better the quality. Whilst it might be tempting to save a few dollars and book a cheaper adult performer from a website like Craigslist or similar, more often than not they’re stealing an image from an Instagram model or celebrity, so you’ll be in for a shock when they arrive!


Another pitfall you may encounter from less reputable sites, is the bait and switch; the agency promises the girl you want or the service you want, and then switches your choice at the last minute and gives you some excuse. We've had many clients come to us having experienced this elsewhere, asking us to help salavage their night. Rest assured, the stripper or waitress you book with us, is the person that turns up at your venue.


We've invested in technology that prevents these disappointments. The Ivy Models model app for models, waitresses, and strippers, that we've developed, takes the risk out of your booking, eliminating the chance of double bookings and miscommunications or getting the wrong girl.



What happens at a strip show and what do I get?


Using a professional stripper, booked through a secure agency, will ensure you get the best show possible, but you can bank on the fact you know exactly who will be turning up!


Strip shows come in two different styles; an R-rated show and an X-rated so it’s important you know what one you want and book the right model.


An R-rated show is your classic striptease, with the performer seductively teasing the audience throughout the performance to eventually finish the show naked. An X-rated show is an open leg performance, with each one varying depending on the artistry of the performer.


A strip show is designed to be entertaining and done in the spirit of good fun. At Ivy Models, our models perform a wide range of shows – including bubble bath shows, dominatrix, strawberries & cream as well as dynamic sex toy shows, allowing you to choose the perfect performance that will set your bucks party apart.


Some of our showgirls will partner up for a Duo show. You're in for a treat there - two gorgeous women entertaining the crowd and themselves! Whoa! That's hot!



Choose your showgirl

Gorgeous Stripper Standing Wearing Lingerie


Once you’ve chosen your performer, it’s best you get prepared for what is in store. All of our performers will provide you with a list of rules and expectations from the audience – these are there to ensure the safety of our models and also for the enjoyment of everyone in the audience.


Typically, a show will range from 20-30 minutes and will be focused around the groom to be, if it's a bux party, but if its another type of event or you want to the performer to focus on some other key people, just ask and our models with gladly help you out.


Check with the agency or performer at the time of booking if there are any hidden fees, the only extra fee we charge would be for bookings outside the normal servicing area, but these are clearly stated at the time of the booking, so you won’t be stung with a surprise bill!


Do you have a specific request? Then mention that at the booking stage or preferrably a before the day of the event. Trust us on this, a professional performer will have heard everythig before (and more!!) so you'll find them very accommodative!


After all, your our event is your creation and our entertainers are here for you!



Stripper rules and what to expect

Stripper Rules


So the day’s arrived, and you're wondering what to expect? Your entertainer will have your contact information so will make contact with you in plenty of time and they’ll be fully briefed on your requirements.


Our models are experienced dancers but they’re also human! For some reason, some people seem to think they can treat the performer disrespectfully and in the case of larger groups that might have been drinking all day, that’s no excuse. Treat our performers with the same respect you would anyone… and keep your hands off the merchandise! Basically, follow the instructions of your performer, they will guide you with what’s appropriate for them.


Golden rule: and this should be one for the whole bucks weekend, not just the stripper evening… keep the phones in your pocket! Turn them off and don’t take pictures, that way you’ll stop any problems occurring from the other half back home and the performers do not allow photos.


For more information, review our blog on the most frequently asked questions about strippers.


Ivy Models showgirls and strippers aren’t just for bux parties. Our models have been used to celebrate all kinds of events and we don’t just cater for male parties either… we have a host of male strippers on our books that will help ensure your bachelorette party is the best!

For more information on the types of stripper shows we offer and our suggestions of how your party can be taken to the next level, contact our friendly staff at Ivy Models.



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