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Where Is The Best Whiskey Bar Brisbane

27 Nov 2019

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There’s not many things better in life than sipping whiskies with your bros in some legendary bars. Now whilst pretty much any bar or pub you go into will likely have a bottle of bourbon or whisky on their shelf, it certainly doesn’t make it a proper whisky bar.


Brisbane is an epic city; it’s the capital of Queensland and has around 2.5 million people living in the metropolitan area… which ensures every night of the week is buzzing!


So if you’re heading to the city for a weekend away, celebrating your birthday or are hosting your best bros bucks party, we’ve put together the ten best, and proper, whisky bars for some genuine whisky tasting…



1. Malt


Malt is so much more than just a whisky bar. Based in Markey Street’s historic Wenley House, which is one of the city’s oldest buildings, the exposed brickwork, wooden frames and original timber flooring make this feel like the true secluded getaway from the city outside.


With a massive menu of whisky, bourbon and scotch from around the world, and a pretty damn tasty food menu, Malt is a must visit for anyone in Brisbane.



2. Saville Row


Tucked away behind a hidden orange door, Savile Row feels like a true speakeasy from the prohibition era of America.


Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by a darkly lit entry hall with the main bar area tucked away behind big black curtains. 


Keeping with the old-time feel, a huge chandelier hangs above your head whilst leather clad seats, dimly lit booths and cabaret-style tables and chairs make this one of the most popular whiskey tasting Brisbane.



3. Old Bill’s


With over 100 different whisky’s to choose from, if you’re after a specific bottle then chances are you’ll find it at Old Bill’s.


Doing away with the dark speakeasy style bars that so many whisky places base themselves off, Bill’s is a contemporary, brightly lit space with mega views over the sea.


There’s also a very tasty bar menu to accompany your drinks, so if you like ribs and whisky together… Old Bill’s is your place!



4. Cobbler


Cobbler is a whisky bar in every sense of the word. With a massive selection of drinks to choose from, the bar stocks whisky from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Australia and Canada so no matter what you’re after the bar staff will happily chat through the various choices on offer.


With recycled, open brick walls, dark lighting and plenty of timber it’s the perfect spot to sip some whisky with your best mates.



5. The Gresham


With gramophones, grand pianos and plush leather sofas The Gresham Bar gives off the vibe of a heritage gentleman’s club and cigar lounge.


Massive ceilings, Victorian fireplaces and dark floorboards truly make this a special bar.


With such classy décor, there’s a drinks list to match with every kind of bourbon, whisky and scotch you can imagine on offer!



6. The Boiler Room


Not the easiest of bars to find, but it’s well worth the effort to hunt out! The unmarked door gives true prohibition speakeasy vibes, but ask the door staff and they’ll show you to a treasure trove of rare and delicious whiskies.


The wood panelling help to keep up the speakeasy tone whilst the soundtrack of blues and jazz will keep you feeling like you’re taking part of a truly exclusive members club.


If you’re feeling peckish, the regular’s at the Boiler Room swear by the charcuterie boards too.



7. Jack Rabbit’s


One of the newer whisky bars in Brisbane city, Jack Rabbit’s is a rabbit hole of whisky – literally!


Head upstairs and go through wardrobe (honest!) and you’ll find one of the best whisky bars in the whole city.


Vintage leather furniture, dark lighting, tasteful music and an unrivalled collection of bourbons will keep you wanting to come back again and again.


The whisky cocktails list is also well worth sampling!



8. Naked Whisky


Think you know whisky? Think again. Naked will unlock an entire new world of single malt and blended whiskeys; with over 300 bottles to sample!


A true Australian bar, Naked Whisky even has whiskies from nearly 20 of the country’s top distilleries. If you like rare or expensive bourbons then you’ll almost certainly find them here.


If all that drink has made you peckish then Naked Whisky has a whole menu of delicious pizzas to try… alongside some huge T-bone steaks, making it the perfect spot to visit if you’re out celebrating with the boys. 



9. Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall


Lavish dark oak flooring, cosy booths with speakeasy vibes and lavish red walls and ceiling drapes give Lefty’s a true saloon vibe straight from the 1800s.


Popular with locals and visitors alike, Lefty’s is a million miles from any other bar in the city – so is a perfect place for you and your mates to visit.


A huge array of whiskies, bourbons and scotch ensure you won’t be going thirsty any time soon whilst live bands ensure the tunes keep flowing throughout the night!



10. Death and Taxes


Definitely worth a visit, Death and Taxes is a stunning exposed brickwork bar. Unlike most speakeasy style bars, it’s dead easy to find – just look or the huge grim reaper mural outside in the courtyard.


Once inside, you’ll be confronted with hundreds of whisky’s to choose from so the only problem you’ll be facing is what to have first.


If you become bored of whisky (we’re not sure that’s possible) then D&T also has over 70 gins to choose from alongside dozens of top premium spirits.


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