Ivy Models Help


What payment methods are accepted?

Ivy Models accepts Visa, Mastercard and Bank transfer as payment methods for your booking. 


How can I book Ivy Models?

You can book Ivy Models online or over the phone by calling 1300 489 277


Where do I go to book Ivy Models?

You can go to the hero image of most pages of the website to get a quote for your event or to book direct you can select this option from the same section. 


How many models can I book at once?

You can book as many Ivy Models as you want as long as they are available.


What if I want to change one of my models?

Please let us know prior to your event if you require a change of models. If this is a last minute change this may incur additional costs.


Where do your model service?

Our models are Australia-wide and available 24/7 for your booking and event needs. We cover all the major cities and our models can come to your small town if needed.


How does it work with payment?

We just get a small deposit off you to lock in your booking.


What if I want to cancel?

Cancellation can be done over the phone and you will receive your deposit back if you cancel with enough time in advance. Please see our refund policy in our terms and conditions below.


What if my model doesn’t show up?

Please let us know if one of your models you have booked doesn’t show up to the booking. We can contact the model directly on your behalf and if needed we can replace a model that is unable to complete your booking.